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The following map is a visual representation of the approximate geographic location of BAP certified farms, hatcheries, feed mills, processing plants, and re-processors. This map is updated weekly. Please refer to the “Certified Producers” tab below the map for a complete listing of currently certified facilities.

We are currently working on improving the List of Producers below. Please be advised that you may find some discrepancies in the data (i.e. incorrect multi-star links and/or missing facilities). You may reach out to your certification specialist or Market Development team representative for assistance.
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List of Producers

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Certified Producers

Certified Producers are facilities whose BAP certifications are currently valid.

The following is a list of all BAP-certified farms, hatcheries, feed mills, and processing plants (both processors and re-processors). The lists can be sorted or filtered by country, producer type, or species, or the search field can be used to help identify a specific producer. The supply chain linkages of certified processing plants can be observed by rolling the cursor over their listing in Star Designation column in the Certified Producers table below.

The BAP program allows processing plants to communicate the chain of custody certification status of certified facilities through use of a Star Designation labeling system on packaging of finished products. Since processing plants may receive product from both BAP certified and non-certified farms, the Star Designation system shown on the BAP website listing is only intended to show the maximum Star Designation that a processing plant is capable of producing (e.g. 1-,2-,3- or 4-Star BAP). The actual star status logo that can be used on packaging varies, depending upon the characteristics of the source farm material. Having a 4-Star Designation displayed on the BAP website does NOT imply that 100% of a processing plant’s production qualifies to be labeled with a 4-star logo. Please refer to the BAP Logo Use Requirements document for a more complete explanation: Program Integrity Library
BAP Vanguard Initiative
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BAP No. Producer Producer Type Accepts Unannounced Audits Vanguard Country Expiration Species Star Status Capability
M30000 Natural Production Feed Mill United States 09-28-2023 Aquaculture Feed
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*Indicates the facility underwent a BAP Remote Audit and/or a pilot audit that does not qualify for GFSI benchmarking at this time.

Renewals in Process

Renewals in Process are facilities actively engaged in the re-certification process.
BAP No. Producer Type Producer Country Expiration
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New In Process

New in Process refers to facilities new to the BAP Program and which have begun the process towards achieving certification.
Producer Type Producer Country
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iBAP Producers

iBAP Producers refers to facilities that have made a commitment to become BAP certified and are following a defined, time-bound improvement process toward certification.
Producer Type Producer Country Species Transition Date
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Fallow Producers

Fallow refers to previously certified sites that temporarily stopped cultivation and are expected to re-apply for certification.
BAP No. Producer Producer Type Country Expiration
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