Best Aquaculture Practices
Keeping Fish
in Our Future

Safe, responsible and ethical
farm-raised seafood

The Most Comprehensive End-to-End Certification

BAP is the only aquaculture certification program in the world that certifies every step of the production chain.

330+ hatcheries

The breeding, hatching of eggs and rearing of aquatic animals through the early stages happens here.

2300+ farms

Where aquatic animals are grown to harvest size. Farming can occur in ponds, oceans, cages, tanks, raceways or closed-containment vessels.

150+ feed mills

Aquaculture feed is produced in a feed mill using a blend of ingredients specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of each species.

490+ plants

After harvest, the aquatic animals are sent to a processing plant where they may be peeled, filleted, flavored, cooked, frozen or packaged.

The Pillars of Responsibility

BAP standards are built on the four pillars of responsibility, as shown below, with traceability as the foundation.

Our Global Impact

Improving production in 39 countries
Responsible seafood production is a global effort to keep fish in our future. BAP certification is transforming the farmed seafood industry in 39 countries.
300,000+ jobs at certified facilities
Responsible aquaculture provides jobs to support communities and ensures that workers are paid fairly and treated well.
23 billion meals with BAP-certified seafood
BAP helps keep fish in our future, delivering a healthy protein to billions of people worldwide. Responsible farming protects wild fisheries from being over-exploited so that seafood can be served for years to come.

What It Means to Be BAP Certified

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